Clean Feet are Beautiful Feet!

Introducing PediBrush™ the Extra Long Foot Scrubber with AnguFlex™ Bristles, that makes cleaning your feet a breeze!

Graphic of the PediBrush™ in use
  • Clean Feet STANDING UP!
  • 30 Inch Extra Long Handle!
  • AnguFlex™ Bristles!
  • Clean BETWEEN TOES in a Snap!
  • Built-In Hook for Easy Hanging!
  • Lightweight & Durable!
  • Gives You Power in the Shower!

Regular mat scrubbers are clumsy and accumulate dirty water, soap scum and body hair (eeew!). PediBrush™ stays above the fray with an extended 30-inch frame, specially designed AnguFlex front bristles that are longer (1 ½ inches) and angled for scrubbing between toes, and a built-in hook for easy storage!

Don't struggle with clumsy mat scrubbers!
Clean feet the fast, easy, fun way with PediBrush™!!

Great For:

Use the PediBrush™ in the shower
  • Senior Citizens
  • Athletes
  • Those w/ Limited Mobility
  • People w/ Back Problems
  • Pregnant Women
  • Kids
  • Everyone!

It's Like A Spa Treatment for your Feet!

With BRISTLES ON BOTH SIDES, PediBrush™ foot scrubber re-invigorates the skin by deeply cleaning and exfoliating! You'll love how soft, smooth and fresh your feet feel in just seconds!

Give your feet the treatment they deserve. Keep your toes, heels and arch healthy, smooth and supple with spa treatment in your own shower! Don't go to expensive day spas and stop straining your back to clean your feet with a bar of soap!

Clean your feet the quick and easy way with the PediBrush™ for only $19.95 plus S+H! Order now and receive a FREE container or liquid soap and an easy hang shower hook. Order right now and you have the option to purchase a 2nd PediBrush at HALF PRICE, plus S+H! Order Now